Easy-Flo manufactures high-quality, easy to use central vacuums. Our systems are powerful, quiet and reliable. No more hassle with upright vacuums, collection bags or short cords – Easy-Flo central vacuums feature 30 ft. collection hoses and self-cleaning filters. Our vacuums reduce airborne dust and allergen particles, letting you breathe easier.

At EASY-FLO, dedication to customer satisfaction is first and foremost, and we back that up with product performance and quality that are second to none. We consider it our mandate to offer cleaning systems that are powerful, quiet and easy to use.

We guarantee that dealer arranged installations will be carried out by qualified, factory trained professionals. In the rare case of a breakdown or malfunction of an EASY-FLO product, we guarantee fast turn-around so your regular cleaning schedule remains uninterrupted.

Along with the 20th century came marvels, conveniences and technological advances which have made life easier for us. One such convenience is the vacuum cleaner, and it had significant effect on the way we cleaned our homes. In the early days we lugged the cumbersome upright and pull along vacuums up and down stairs, bumping into furniture and walls along the way, and scratching prized hardwood floors. This type of vacuum went about as far as the electrical cords could reach!

Besides being bulky because of the attached dirt receptacles, they more often than not exhausted dust, pollen, airborne pollutants and pet dander right back into the air we were breathing. Then came the built-in or central vacuum. Wow! No more lugging and fumbling with awkward portable machines… just an intake hose, wands and attachments.

And because you don’t have to take the power unit along to do the vacuuming, the motors became more powerful as time went by. Although the built-in concept was a giant leap forward, early systems were limited to what they could pick up, and lacked refinements necessary to make them suitable for suburban lifestyles… motors were loud, filters were hard to clean (and messy too), and they still exhausted too much dust into the environment.

Even with the advent of cyclonic systems and modern filters, they still lacked real power and true filtration. In 1977 we began testing self-cleaning filtration systems with non-stick coatings and perfected the ‘true’ self-clean system. This kept the filter unclogged and made clean-up a snap! Our system ultimately earned us the coveted Consumer’s Magazine Product Award. We have set a benchmark for raw cleaning power, durability and low noise operation. You’re at home with EASY-FLO.